Moonshot Museum Welcomes New Executive Director, Dr. Jimyse L. Brown

Pittsburgh, PA – June 12, 2024 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Moonshot Museum announced today that its board of directors has unanimously appointed Dr. Jimyse L. Brown as the organization’s new Executive Director. With an abundance of experience in community engagement and educational program development, Dr. Brown is poised to guide the museum into an exciting new era of innovation and involvement.

Dr. Brown is the first African-American Executive Director of a space museum in Pennsylvania and the first African-American director globally of a museum focused on career readiness for the 21st-century space industry. Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Community Engagement, a Master of Science in Business Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Event Management. Her strong educational background and practical expertise uniquely position her to lead the Moonshot Museum in fulfilling its mission of inspiring curiosity and fostering lifelong learning.  

“Since the very first interview, Dr. Brown’s enthusiasm shone bright and truly embodied Moonshot’s mission to inspire a diverse community to find their place in the future of space exploration. We believe she will be a true north star as we enhance our impact, expand access, and usher in a new suite of educational programs for students of our region in collaboration with NASA,” said John Thornton, Moonshot Museum board chair.

A native Pittsburgher, Dr. Brown’s expertise spans program administration, strategic planning, community outreach, and leadership dedicated to spearheading impactful community and educational initiatives. Her leadership has fostered social and economic development within diverse communities, making her an ideal fit for Moonshot Museum’s vision of making space careers accessible to all.

“Moonshot Museum has helped so many visitors find their place in space already, but we’re just getting started,” said Dr. Jimyse L. Brown. “I am committed to growing the innovative and engaging experiences that inspire our visitors and deepen our connection with the community. Together, we will explore new frontiers in education and innovation. No matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from, there is a place for you in this industry, and Moonshot is here to guide you on that journey.”

“I grew up in Pittsburgh, but lived out of state and internationally for several years while playing basketball and pursuing my education,” Brown added. “Pittsburgh will always be home, and it’s serendipitous that Moonshot is looking to strengthen its community at the same time I am. We’re building and maintaining those bridges.”

Moonshot Museum is committed to pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and innovation while serving as a hub for community engagement. With Dr. Jimyse Brown at the helm beginning in July, the museum is embarking on a new chapter and continuing to provide enriching experiences and opportunities for all.

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