Mobile Moonshot Programs

Opening Fall 2022, Moonshot Museum will offer a field trip to the future—a future now under construction in Pittsburgh’s Northside!

Students who visit Moonshot Museum will:

• Enjoy an unparalleled view of real lunar spacecraft construction through a window into the work of Astrobotic
• Embark on team-building missions set in a futuristic lunar environment
• Explore the wide array of careers waiting for them in the regional space industry today!

Premiering Summer 2022, you can bring the Mobile Moonshot experience to your school, camp, or community center!

A Mobile Moonshot visit is the perfect way to complement your science curriculum, provide a memorable learning experience, and celebrate history in the making.

Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon is a 45-minute large-scale science assembly that serves up to 200 students per presentation. It can be delivered either in person at your location, or virtually through video conferencing.

Program Pricing

• Virtual: $125 for the first program; $75 per additional presentations
• In-person: $200 for the first program; $100 per additional presentations

Program Description

America is returning to the Moon, and Pittsburgh is leading the way!

Embark on a high-octane lunar science expedition complete with explosive rocket science, colorful chemistry, spellbinding spaceflight animations, theatric audience participation, and a sneak peek at the riveting work of local space industry professionals.

A Moonshot Museum educator will immerse your students as crewmembers in a storied space adventure. Discover the intrepid robots exploring the Moon and hear from the incredible team on the ground that makes it all possible.

This program supports eligible content across the STEAM curriculum, including Next Generation Science Standards in Earth and Space Science, as well as eligible content in Social Studies.

Modular Format

This modular assembly is scalable for elementary, middle, and junior high school audiences. Assembly “story beats” include the following highlights:

Mission Briefing: Where do you fit into the story of space? Our first small steps on the Moon were powered by Pittsburghers. Now, these local heroes in history are passing the torch to you take the next giant leap in lunar exploration today!

Lunar Laboratory: Go behind-the-scenes with construction footage of a lunar lander, built in Pittsburgh. Video of real Astrobotic engineers will showcase the careers available in the vast regional space industry, and the team on the ground that makes it all possible.

Lift Off: Rocket to orbit with a live chemical reaction and hear from members of Astrobotic’s Mission Control team who coordinate real missions to the Moon from their base of operations in Pittsburgh.

Orbital Odyssey: Discover how innovations propelling us to the Moon are also improving life on our delicate Blue Planet. Learn how a low gravity environment are driving research from medicine to materials science.

Crater Quest: Team up with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) to map the Moon’s resources for future settlers, from precious metals to water ice. Learn how robotic sensors expand our knowledge and our view of the lunar surface.

Flight of the Falcon: Discover how ancient volcanoes left their mark on the lunar surface and learn about the Peregrine lander, slated to land on the Moon in Fall 2022. This spacecraft, built in Pittsburgh, will be the first commercial spacecraft to land on the Moon, and the first American spacecraft to land on the Moon in over 50 years!

Ice Quest: Voyage to the Moon’s South Pole with Astrobotic’s Griffin lander and deploy NASA’s VIPER robot on its quest for frozen water, aided by innovative navigation techniques.

Future Frontiers: Flash forward to visions of the future, from an orbiting NASA space station to a permanent settlement on near the Moon’s South Pole. As members of a Cosmic City Council, consider some of the challenges you might face as lunar settlers establishing a community on the Moon.

For more information or to start booking your program, please contact:

Mike Hennessy, Manager of Learning & Programs, at