Year in Review: Moonshot Museum’s Top Five

2021 was a year of growth, design, and development for Moonshot Museum—and none of it could have happened without your help. As we prepare to build in 2022, we’re reflecting on the top five milestones we achieved with your support in the past year!

5. NASA Visits Mission Control Pittsburgh.

NASA’s Associate Administrator overseeing all scientific endeavors, Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen (Dr. Z), joined us in June for the announcement of Moonshot Museum’s construction and our space ecosystem collaborative with partners across the Pittsburgh region. Click to read more.

4. We’ve Never Looked Better.

A new website, a teaser trailer, an immersive virtual tour, and an expanded social media presence are just a few of the things we’ve introduced this year. The result? Moonshot Museum is more visible, accessible, and engaged with our Pittsburgh community than ever before.

3. We’re Out, About, and Growing.

From local schools to our home neighborhood of Manchester, Moonshot Museum has been hard at work over the past year making connections with neighbors, students, and teachers to build a new model for museums fueled by strong local partnerships with innovators in space, STEAM education, and access. Click to read more.

2. We Debuted Out-of-This-World Exhibit Designs

Moonshot Museum is a moonshot in and of itself, and we’re building a Museum like no other. With designs completed and construction beginning, get ready to step into an immersive and inspiring Museum that’s focused on practical, real opportunity that exists today in the space industry. Click to take the virtual tour.

1. We’re Going to the Moon

No joke—Pittsburgh will return America to the surface of the Moon in 2022, and you’ll have a front row seat when Moonshot Museum opens. Museum director Sam Moore joined the TechVibe radio program to preview the out-of-this-world year that lies ahead in 2022. Click to the listen to the interview.

🚀 Join Our Crew!

There’s still time to join our crew with an end of year donation to Moonshot Museum! Your contribution directly supports our efforts to build an out-of-this-world museum and and gets us closer to launching in 2022. Click here to donate now!