Pittsburgh's Newest Museum is Out of this World!

Moonshot Museum offers an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and behind the scenes of the 21st century space industry. Pittsburgh's spacecraft are built right here, on view for all guests to witness. Engage with our interactive exhibits highlighting the wide variety of space careers now available in Pittsburgh and beyond. Learn about the process of engineering a lunar rover, cast your vote on the cutting edge subjects debated in the world of space law, design your own mission patch, and more. Consider what promise the future holds as you watch Pittsburgh engineers and technicians assemble Astrobotic's Griffin Lunar Lander, which is destined to reach the Moon's South Pole later this year. Come and be a part of this exciting story unfolding at Moonshot Museum.


Moonshot Museum is a museum like no other. You'll see real lunar spacecraft under active assembly, go on your own simulated lunar mission, and find your place in the future of space exploration.