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"Lunar Settlers" Mission Experience

Grade Level: Middle and High School
Capacity: Up to 30 students plus 4 chaperones
Length:  2 hours from arrival to departure

Team up for adventure as citizens of a futuristic Moon base! The adventure begins with a Mission Briefing from your Moonshot Museum Navigator, complete with a literal window into the work of designing, testing, and building spacecraft. Then, students will rotate in small teams through digitally driven STEAM activities, all set in an immersive lunar landscape. Design a next gen lunar rover. Map the Moon for resources. Create a mission patch. Form a cosmic city council, and craft your lunar charter. Discover careers in space today while you create the lunar city of tomorrow!

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Let’s build your Moonshot Museum experience together! Additional programing for groups of different sizes and grade levels, or for shorter field trips, is also available, and we’re happy to work with you to provide an experience that works best for your group.